November is Stewardship Month at our church. Will you take a moment to review the stewardship materials? Then will you take another moment to fill out the Estimate of Giving form and return it to the church? Thank you so much for whatever you can do!

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November 13, 2020

Dear Member/Friend,
2020 has been quite a year in the life of this congregation! Between January and March, we were going about the business of doing the work of the Lord in our church and community. Then on March 15th due to COVID-19 the church building closed. This created many challenges. The good news is God provided! Our church leaders rose to meet the new challenges. This meant the church continued to care for you and the community even though the church doors were shut.

Exactly one week after the building closed, Patagonia Community UMC launched its first “Worship on the Air” broadcast on Patagonia’s radio station, KPUP. In addition to the service, the church began emailing the Sunday Worship Celebration bulletin and continued making a weekly community phone call. The prayer warriors and prayer team continued to receive requests and pray daily. We learned how to use Zoom so that we could continue offering the Spiritual Roundtable and a Lenten Study. We offered Zoom fellowship following the radio worship broadcast. In addition to all of this, we bid a virtual farewell to pastor Tom and warmly welcomed our new pastors. Then, following a successful fundraising campaign to repair the Thurber Hall roof, the trustees had the necessary repairs done. Work on the hall continues. We have accomplished so much. What faithful stewards of the Lord you are!

Bonnie Quirin and her group of faithful volunteers are reopening the Thrift Store. They have worked hard to make this possible. On Sunday, November 15th after 8 long months, the church building will also reopen for worship. It has been a long wait! Leaders have worked hard to ensure the building is ready for your return. Thank you to our faithful worship team and others for making this happen.

During November, it is the tradition of this church to emphasize stewardship. It makes sense because Thanksgiving is a time when we give thanks for the many blessings we have received. We are thankful that so many of you used your ministry gifts and talents to keep our ministries going. Now we ask for your help in another way. Please consider filling out the Estimate of Giving (EOG) form below and mailing it back at your earliest convenience. Your tithes and offerings make it possible for us to do the wonderful things mentioned above. This year they are especially needed due to lost income. Thank you so much the generations of generosity that have supported this church! Won’t you join them today? May God continue to bless you, the church, our community, and world through your efforts.

Blessings and Peace,
Ron Pitt, Lay Leader
Patty and Andy Frick, Pastors

The Estimate of Giving is your commitment to make a financial gift for the support of the mission of PCUMC.

The standard of giving should reflect your standard of living. Regardless of the amount you give it makes a valued contribution to our mission and ministry.

Please fill out and return your Estimate of Giving at your earliest convenience. You can either place it in the offering plate or mail it to the church.

While filling out the EOG is a commitment to PCUMC, it is not legally binding. If your circumstances change you may want to notify the church that you need to change your Estimate. If you’re blessed with unexpected extra income, you’re always welcome to increase your giving as well.


For the support of the PCUMC and the work of Jesus Christ in the world, I (we) estimate that I (we) will give:
( ) _______________________ weekly
( ) _______________________ monthly
( ) _______________________one payment – approximate date _______
( ) Please return this with my contribution statement

__________________________________ ___________
Name(s) Please Print (Date)