November is Stewardship Month at our church. Will you take a moment to fill out the Estimate of Giving form below and return it to the church. You can drop it off in the collection plate at the in-person worship service or send it to: 

Patagonia Community United Methodist Church
P.O. Box 315, 387 McKeown Ave, Patagonia, AZ 85624
Office: 520-394-2274 * * Website:


Thank you for whatever you are able to do! 
Ron Pitt, Lay Leader
Patty and Andy Frick, Pastors

The Estimate of Giving is your commitment to make a financial gift for the support of the mission of PCUMC.

The standard of giving should reflect your standard of living. Regardless of the amount you give it makes a valued contribution to our mission and ministry.

Please fill out and return your Estimate of Giving at your earliest convenience. Again, you can either place it in the offering plate or mail it to the church.

While filling out the EOG is a commitment to PCUMC, it is not legally binding. If your circumstances change you may want to notify the church that you need to change your Estimate. If you’re blessed with unexpected extra income, you’re always welcome to increase your giving as well.


For the support of the PCUMC and the work of Jesus Christ in the world, I (we) estimate that I (we) will give:
( ) _______________________ weekly
( ) _______________________ monthly
( ) _______________________one payment – approximate date _______
( ) Please return this with my contribution statement

__________________________________ ___________
Name(s) Please Print (Date)