Information is from Patagonia Regional Times (PRT). Summary of the article, is:
Santa Cruz County is vaccinating those 75 and over, healthcare workers, law enforcement personnel, and essential workers. They have NOT yet moved to those under 75.
Check the Santa Cruz County website (link at end of the PRT article). The health department will have an online registration there in the near future.
In the meantime, if you are in the categories in #1 (75 and over, healthcare, law enforcement or essential worker) call the Santa Cruz County number (at end of article) to set up an appointment.


Currently, people 75 and older are now receiving the COVID vaccine in Santa Cruz County. On Jan. 12, the CDC announced a change in their guidelines and are now recommending that states “expand access” to the vaccine to include all people 65 and older. “The guidelines are intended to prompt faster distribution of the vaccines by making more people immediately eligible for vaccination, as well as expanding the potential locations where people can receive it. Of the more than 25 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine that have been delivered nationwide, just under 9 million shots had been put into Americans’ arms as of Tuesday, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” according to NBC News.
States are not required to follow this guideline, and, as of now, Santa Cruz County is still restricting the vaccines to people 75 and older, as well as healthcare workers, law enforcement personnel and essential workers.

The County received only 200 doses of the COVID vaccine from the state for this week. With 800- 900 doses left over from previous shipments, they began this week with approximately 1000 doses. All appointments have been filled for this week. Residents should check the county website, as the health department intends to have an on-line appointment scheduler up soon.

Case numbers are still rising in eastern Santa Cruz County and hospitals in Pima County are reaching capacity. As of Jan. 8, there were only 10 ICU beds available. Pima County hospitals serve patients in the Southeastern region of the state, which includes Santa Cruz, Pima, Cochise, Graham and Greenlee Counties. Click here to read more.

If you qualify for the vaccination, as described above, please email or call 520-375-7626 for an appointment.