Bonnie Quirin, Church Historian

The Southern Pacific RR discontinued service to Patagonia in 1962. In return for the town not opposing the abandonment of railroad service, the railroad transferred land in Patagonia to be used for maintenance of the former station building as a historical relic.  In December, 1965, the depot building was purchased and donated to the Patagonia Community Church to assist in the accomplishment of its religious and benevolent purposes.  On that same date, the church transferred the depot building to the Rotary Club as a community project of the club, with the provisions that if the building is not developed by the club and utilized the property will revert to the church.   In 1974 the Rotary Club paid the church the sum of $1.00 with the church agreeing to disclaim any interest in the depot building.  The church understood that the Rotary Club would sell the building to the Town of Patagonia.