Worship happens in the church building and on the radio. Join Us at 10:00 am!

Our pre-recorded weekly radio broadcast on KPUP.rocks (100.5 FM)

is offered at 10:00 am on Sunday mornings

Image-enhanced videos of the services, when available, will be posted on the website under the “Worship” tab and on our church’s Facebook Page.



There will be one in person service at 10:00 a.m.  It will run about 30 minutes.

  • Access to the worship service will be through the Narthex.
  • A Greeter/Usher will meet you at the door to ask a few health-screening questions.
  • A second Greeter/Usher will escort you to your seat.
    • Seats will be pre-determined using social distancing guidelines.
    • Couples have the option of sitting in the choir area
      • NEW as of June 6, 2021 – Face masks will now be optional.  This is subject to change if COVID numbers in our area begin going up again.  

We suggest worshippers arrive early to allow time for the greeter/usher to direct you to your seat.

If sanctuary seating is at capacity, worshippers will be invited to sit in the courtyard where socially-distanced seating will be provided. 

End of Worship Procedures

People without mobility issues will be directed by the greeters/ushers to exit the sanctuary through the doors in the middle of the right side of the sanctuary.

The exit order will be from front to back with those in the choir loft exiting last.

An usher will be stationed at the door to assist people down the two steps.

People with mobility issues will be directed to exit through the narthex after all others have exited.

Hand sanitizing dispensers, wet-wipes, and disposable gloves will be placed at the entrance to the sanctuary and in each bathroom.
Worshipers will be required to apply hand sanitizer prior to entering the sanctuary and when using the restrooms.

No bulletins or handouts will be available. All announcements, liturgy and the lyrics for songs will be shown on overhead screen in sanctuary.

During Worship – to keep everyone safe, the following will precautions will be followed:

There will be no congregational responses to the liturgy.
No prayer requests or praises will be taken during the Worship Service.

Prayer requests and praises are to be sent to the church in three different submission ways so that the pastor can announce them during the service.

Hymn Singing/Music
No singing of any type will be permitted during the worship service.
Vocal music presented during the worship service will be prerecorded and the lyrics will be shown on a screen.
Live instrumental music (organ, piano, clavanova, cello, violin, etc.) will be allowed before, during and after the service.
Wind instruments will not be permitted.

The Sacraments
Baptisms will not be held.

Communion Procedures for the First Sunday of each Month

Worshippers may pick up a closed container of the sacramental elements as they leave the sanctuary. 

The Passing of the Peace will not be done at this time.

Plates will be placed at the exits of the sanctuary and the Courtyard.

We continue to encourage congregants to use electronic means or surface mail to contribute to the church. See “Give” tab for info.

Restroom Use
Worshipers will be allowed to use the restrooms before, during, and after the service.

  • A greeter/usher will guide any individual going to a restroom during the worship service.
  • An individual will be stationed in Thurber Hall to sanitize a restroom used by a worshiper prior to the Worship service.
  • Hand sanitizers and disposable wipes will be placed at the entrance to Thurber Hall and in each restroom.

Only one person at a time will be allowed in a restroom.

Sanitizing wipes and sanitizing sprays will be provided in the restrooms and the user is asked to clean surfaces touched before departing the restroom.

A greeter/usher will stay outside the restroom and inquire of the user if they sanitized the facilities. If not, the usher will sanitize the restroom.

Restrooms used by children will be sanitized by an usher.

Fellowship Time
Fellowship time following worship will take place outdoors in the courtyard.

Masks will be optional but social distancing of 6 feet will be maintained.

Beverages and refreshments will not be served.

Other Safety Procedures
All persons assisting with worship (pastor, lay liturgist, greeters/greeters/ushers, etc,) will have their temperature checked prior to contact with any other persons.

  • Persons with a fever (and spouse) will be sent home.
  • The nursery room will be used to isolate staff and worshipers who become ill during Sunday worship and cannot go home immediately.
  • Twenty-four hours after the departure of the ill person, the sanctuary, Thurber Hall and nursery will be deep cleaned.

Worshipers who have had COVID19 will be requested to verify to the pastor that they have tested negative twice in two COCID 19 tests taken at least 24 hours apart before returning to Sunday worship.



Will not be required of people attending worship but will be given an option to sign one.

Waivers are required of those assisting with worship – pastor, liturgist, greeters/greeters/ushers, bathroom attendant, and those setting up and taking down chairs in the courtyard.

Risk of Infection Notification
Participants will be notified of the risk of participation via a letter to each individual, announcements in all church publicity, announcements on a video screen in the sanctuary, postings on the church web page and face book page, announcements from the pulpit, signage on sanctuary door and all other doors leading into the church and into bathrooms and respective rooms where meetings may be held.

A written record of when each of these actions is taken will be prepared and maintained in the church office.

All kitchen activities will be suspended