Welcome to the leadership page. Did you know that God made you unique, to benefit others? We are told this in Jeremiah1:5. We are taught that God created Jeremiah to share the Creator’s message with the nations. In the same way, God created us to be shared with those in our sphere of influence.

We become diminished if we hide ourselves under a bushel, keeping our skills, talents, insights, joy, and pain hidden away from others. God wants you to share yourself. He created you with a uniqueness that enriches the world when you give yourself to the community around you.

Over the past several weeks, some of your church leaders have attended workshops that have been presented by the District and Conference. We have learned things like “Social Holiness” for the common good of those around us and in our communities. We learned how we can all make a difference by being involved using our time and talents. I would encourage you to become a part of attending these very significant training events so you, too, can determine where God has shaped you in helping others.

In addition, leaders have attended a web event that was held in Phoenix, and broadcast to satellite locations. This was definitely a plus in not having to travel all the way to Phoenix to attend this day-long training regarding evangelism. Your leaders learned ways in which to reach out to the un-churched or folks who really are on the fence about attending a church and especially our church. Our leader was a person who heads up this ministry from the largest and fasted growing United Methodist church in America. We received many good ideas and also realized that it takes commitment and persistence to grow.

We learned the difference in being an inwardly focused church versus being an outwardly focused church. We are doing some things right, and we could do other things a little better. The main things are having an outward focus and a goal to do as Jesus did, help and serve people. We all have talents and we are asked to use them. Sometimes it is as simple as making a phone call or writing a note.

We have been good about reaching outward with the ministry of our sack lunch and after school programs. These currently occur once a month, but what if we had others involved, could this be done more often? One of our largest ministries for the community involves the thrift shop. Did you know this provides a service to low income families in our community? In doing so, it also provides an income stream that helps many ministries. Some people in our community think that the church keeps all the money. Not true, and we must tell the story about where the money does go.

The money goes to places like UMCOR disaster relief, Crossroads Nogales Mission, Agua Prieta church in Mexico, Campus Crusade for Christ, Tucson Metropolitan Ministries, Give Ye Them To Eat, Patagonia Food Bank, Heifer Project, Wesley Foundation, and the Kairos Prison Ministry.

We are doing some very good things, but can we do more if other leaders become involved? We need more leaders to step forward and be the dispensers of the “Bread of Life, Jesus Christ.” Whose life will you influence by giving of your time and talent? What will your contribution be?

Dennis Foster
Lay Leader for PCUMC